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Call 0800 197 2868
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Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Dumfries, Galashiels
Wooden Floor solutions

From Church floors to reception halls from oak, maple, in fact almost all wooden floors  ... the Proteks® range of wooden floor coatings for sealing and protecting hardwood internal floors are available in a variety of finishes to suit all circumstances.

Our coatings are primarily based on flexible polyurethane resins to accommodate the natural movement of the wood (expansion and shrinkage), plus they provide additional impact and abrasion resistance and can be provided in a range of finishes to suit the specific application required – gloss, satin or matt.

The Proteks® system includes a full range of ancillary products including Blocking Primer to stop tannin bleeding and staining, especially from knots or woods that are susceptible to this problem.